The Next Steps

British Unity is building a powerful social media operation to give us ‘reach’ for our message of defiance against the criminal ‘elite’ who seek to profit from the exploitation and destruction of our nation and our people, and Hope and a Home for the minority who want to do something to stop them.

500,000 reachThis growing ‘reach’ enables us to sidestep the Controlled Media blackout of successful and popular nationalist initiatives. We are building a network of regional activity teams committed to high-profile demonstrations against the enemies of our people and to positive social actions for members of the indigenous community.

As our social media and street agitation attracts new people, this site and related initiatives will educate them and the broader nationalist movement into the realities of our struggle. As we educate so we organise the most committed of our growing audience to be the new generation of Nationalist Militants.

Some of our efforts will be conventionally ‘political’. Others will move into fresh fields, particularly to develop dynamic and attractive ways to promote our traditional European and Christian culture.


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