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After Paris

Nick Griffin tells some hard home truths about free speech, Western power elites and the struggle against radical Islam

Let’s get one thing straight: the French, British and other Western Establishments are not interested in free speech – except in as far as it’s dangerous to them and needs stamping out!

Not even Charlie Hebdo’s murdered journalists stood for free speech – they had run a big petition campaign to have the anti-immigration Front National banned.

France, like most other Western countries, permits the publication of cartoons which mock Mohammad, but outlaw cartoons which mock the Holocaust. France has a special law against ‘Holocaust denial’, while the ‘democratic’ government in Germany has imprisoned THOUSANDS of peaceful dissidents and historians for questioning the orthodox history of the same delicate subject.

after parisCartoon humbug

The whole tragedy has produced a tsunami of hypocrisy. British newspapers have exploited the Paris Massacre to sell copies and to congratulate themselves on their ‘courage’ in printing cartoons which mock the killers. But NOT ONE has dared to reproduce the cartoons of the Muslim Prophet which got the CharlieHebdo people murdered in the first place.

#jesuischarlie does not come at the same price as #imspartacus

For all their posturing about free speech, the British media have for years led the charge to silence those of us who have tried to warn about the growing danger of Islamic extremism. The BBC crucified Enoch Powell and tried with everything from the Cook Report to Panorama to have me thrown in prison.

And as for ‘defiance’, none of the British Mainstream Media have dared to reprint even the non-obscene cartoons of Muhammad.For all their self-congratulation about “not bowing down to terror”, the British media and their politician cronies have already fully accepted dhimmi status – in which non-Muslims are left in ‘peace’ as long as their submit to Islamic rule. To put it in plain English instead of classical Arabic – they’re scared shitless of angry Muslims!

If they want to prove otherwise, they can just publish those cartoons. It’s not for nationalists to do. We fully understand the deep upset such actions cause Muslims of every type and stripe. We are proud of our traditions and are willing to fight and die for them, so we understand how Muslims feel about theirs.

We may well upset Muslims by pointing out the clear connection between their religion’s attitude to women and Unbelievers and the problem of Muslim grooming gangs operating against our girls and of ‘honour killings’ in their own societies. If these truths ‘upset’ people, then that’s their problem, not ours.

But we don’t want to upset Muslims over some stupid and vulgar cartoons, not least because it achieves nothing except to push even more towards the brutal fundamentalist interpretation of the faith which is turning more and more of their young people into terrorists.

Right all along

We simply recognise that this demonstration of how their core values are so at odds with our core values, shows very clearly that we were right all along when we said that mass immigration would lead to disaster.

ImmigrationIt was inevitable. That’s why we also don’t hold with all the weird conspiracy theory stuff already out there about the Paris events, with the crazy claims that no-one was killed, or that the murderers were members of the Mossad or were taking their orders from the CIA. (That said, it’s entirely possible, as Jean-Marie Le Pen and others have suggested, that various security services with a vested interest in “Problem-Reaction-Solution” confrontation may well have seen it coming and turned a blind eye).

Here too, people need to face reality – many young Sunni Muslims don’t need Zionist manipulation or CIA mid-control to get angry. Large numbers of young Muslims in the West DO hate our society. They ARE understandably furious about Western aggression in places like Iraq, about the brutality of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and about the double standards of the Zionist media.

And, once they are in that frame of mind, they are easy meat for the Preachers of Hate – men who are not “perverting peaceful Islam”, but who simply represent an ancient and, from time to time explosively powerful, TYPE of Islam. Because exhortations to fight and slay the Infidel and to turn Unbeliever women into sex slaves DO litter the Koran.

Two types of Islam

At many periods of Islamic history, especially when the “vicious and wicked faith” of the Saudi desert was forced on or adopted by people from the ancient civilisations of Persia and the ‘fair-skinned Arabs’ of Syria and Iraq, Islam has been softened. It has been reformed so that it genuinely is possible to speak of Islamic civilisation. At some periods, Islamic scholars have dared to ‘interpret’ the Koran and to explain how its bloodier verses only applied in historical circumstances now in the past, and not in their own times.

At other periods of Islamic history, other Imams, scholars and warlords – no more and no less ‘Islamic’ than the tolerant ones – have urged their followers to Jihad, not just against the Infidels but also against the ‘heretics’ who dared to interpret and soften the Word Of Allah.

This is why, in the struggle for the soul of Islam that is today being waged in places like Syria (a struggle in which the leaders of the West have constantly backed the extremists), the very brave, very numerous, and very numerous moderates refer to their (and our) fundamentalist enemies as “takfiris” – because ‘takfir’, the sin of interpreting the Koran, is the pet hate of the Back to Islamic Basics hardliners.

Sometimes right, sometimes wrong

I’ve met some of these takfiris. Young ones on the streets of Oldham. Battle-hardened ones in Syrian prisons. And I’ve talked with them. So I can assure those who believe that Islamic extremism is all a smoke-and-mirrors creation by Western intelligence agencies to provide an excuse to take away our remaining freedoms, that such an interpretation is complete and utter claptrap. David Icke and his ilk sometimes get things very right, but in this they are very wrong.

syria prisonerI will never forget the Palestinian Jihadist that Italian nationalist leader Roberto Fiore and I met in a Syrian Army prison in Damascus. Badly injured several months before, he had concluded when he woke up in hospital that it must be a ‘rebel’ one run by his throat-cutting buddies. The Syrians had decided to go along with this in order to get more intelligence out of him. So Roberto and I had to pose as Western-convert Jihadists when we spoke with him as he sat on his hospital cell bed.

“But you are Palestinian,” Fiore asked, “why do you fight here instead of in Palestine?” “Because the Alawites, the Shia and the Christians are worse enemies of Allah than the Jews,” the scrawny captive replied.

“If we have won by the time you are well again,” I asked him, “where would you want to fight Jihad next?” “Inch Allah, to Europe, to America. To Rome,” he replied.

The real enemy is you!

“But what about Palestine?” Fiore asked once more. “The Jews are not the real enemy. The real enemy are the Nazarenes.”

That’s what they call Christians. That’s you!

This is what he – and all his fellow Jihadists – have been taught in training camps in places like Jordan. The places where, while the religious instruction lessons are strictly Islamic, Saudi money pays for American and UK Special Forces instructors to train the anti-Assad ‘rebels’ how to use their American weapons supplied through NATO member Turkey, safe in the knowledge that, if they are wounded in the fight, they will be looked after in hospitals in Israel.

But despite all this help from Western elites, the Jihadists are real. Their hatred of OUR West is real. Their determination to attack and conquer OUR West is real. And we must understand it and fight against it, or they will win and destroy our civilisation and enslave OUR children.

But the first thing to understand is that, while all the Jihadists are Muslim, not all Muslims are Jihadists.

Indeed, while America, Britain, France and Israel have all bombed and butchered secular Arabs and moderate Muslims while handing Iraq, Libya and vast chunks of Syria over to the Jihadists, it is MUSLIMS from Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq who have died in their hundreds of thousands fighting to stop the liver-eating, throat-cutting, gang-raping Takfiri monsters.

Muslims are NOT all the same. Some are already fighting OUR war for us, as the Russians know. They should be our allies. Others will always be our mortal enemies.

Mortal enemies

And in order to defeat those mortal enemies, we also need to understand that other mortal enemies are using them, and seek also to manipulate us. Because the perverse desperation of that Palestinian Jihadi to export terror to Rome, Paris, London and New York is not natural.

The ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam which is the driving force of Islamic terror is not natural. Like the ‘Saudi’ Royal Family which today funds it, it is in origin less Jinn than Golem – a monster created from clay to do its creators’ dirty work. Created by Jewish merchants, it was nurtured and spread by British military intelligence as a trick to ‘Divide and Rule’ the natives from Cyprus to India.

More recently, the Mossad saw Islamic religious extremism as a splendid way to divide the Arabs, both within the borders of the Zionist state and in the surrounding states. The Israelis have made no secret of their pleasure at seeing the secular Syrian army and the forces of Islamic Jihad bleed each other to death, as more illegal settlements are built on stolen Arab land and oil and gas concessions in southern Syria are granted to globalist crooks like Rupert Murdoch.

Likewise, old and new colonial powers such as France and the USA see huge potential benefits in the mayhem created by the Islamists they have aided, excused, armed and abetted. Set the ‘wogs’ at each others’ throats and help yourself to their oil and gas!

Zionist fantasy

And, they think, if the whole thing ends up bringing blowback misery to the streets of Paris, so much the better! Because the long-term aim of the messianic fascist elite (but not, it must be understood, of all Jews) in Israel is to fulfil the old religious prophesy and Zionist fantasy of Eretz Israel.  Greater Israel – an exclusively Jewish state stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Which can only come about with the wholesale ethnic cleansing of the native Arabs – something which a state which relies on Western aid for its very survival can only do if the populations of Western nations are so utterly sick of Muslims Behaving Badly that they look at such Israeli brutality and say “you know what, we don’t blame them. If only we could do the same here!”

In the shorter term, while the conspiracy theories about the Paris Massacre not taking place or being the work of the Mossad are ludicrous nonsense, there could well be more than a morsel of truth in the idea that somewhere, in one of the Al Qaeda chains of command riddled with Israeli or American intelligence assets, someone incited an action in Paris.

Perfect timing

Because, after all, the timing was so perfect as to make it difficult to credit that it was an accident. The French Parliament had just decided to recognise Palestine. President Hollande had just called for an end to the US-created sanctions against Russia. If anybody needed to be herded back into Washington’s camp, it was the French. And it took just five minutes in the offices of CharlieHebdo to do it.

There is no contradiction here. The Jihadists are – unfortunately for sane people of all faiths and none – all too real. Their War on the Christian West is their own war, and they will carry in on until we kill them and expel every last one of the sympathisers who provide them with cover and with fresh cannon fodder. But they are also easily manipulated patsies.

The situation is very similar to that in the Cold War, when idiotic young fascists had their own ideology and organisations, but which every now and again – through shadowy CIA operations like Gladio and corporate masonic operations such as P2 – got all the ‘nudge’ that was needed to shoot a couple of ‘Reds’ or blow up a railway station and so further the ‘Strategy of Tension’ that helped to keep Italy in the ‘American’ orbit.


There are still some idiotic fascists around. Right now they are busy murdering ethnic Russian civilians in eastern Ukraine. Funded by oligarchs with an atavistic hatred of Russia and Christianity, they are doing the work of the neo-cons and their Project for the New American Century and of George Soros with his self-confessed enthusiasm for war in Europe.

Ukraine’s neo-nazis hate the West and its gay rights, multicult agenda. They hate not just the Jewish oligarchs but every last harmless little Jewish tailor on the planet. They’d kill them all if they had the chance, but they won’t get it. Instead they are just being used to kill Russians and to put pressure on President Putin on behalf of the real enemies of their people. When their usefulness is over they will be disposed of.

They are brutal idiots, though nothing like as brutal, or idiotic, as the Takfiri Islamists who are hell-bent on bringing terror to the streets of Britain and every other nation in the West – even though the only beneficiaries will by the criminal power elites based in Washington, Tel Aviv and London.

So what’s the answer?

To expose and reject those elites – which is why I ask you to do everything you can, right now, to pass this article on and so help to wake even more people up.

To spread the nationalist message that there is a practical, humane, answer to the artificial ‘Clash of Civilisations’ created by the elite policies of mass immigration of Muslims to the West and mass murder of Muslims in the Middle East.

That answer is simple disengagement, a peace deal, whereby we leave their lands and they leave ours.

To point out that the Islamist war on our society cannot be stopped by pretending the problem is just a few criminals, by appeasement, or by declaring war on all Muslims. No! Such lunatic extremes will solve nothing.

There is only one way to stop the Islamists recruiting and – with the help of the Zionist-created ‘counter-jihad’ movement – plunging us all into a 30 year cycle of sectarian butchery and civil war:

An intelligent two-pronged approach. On the one hand, the ruthless repression of Islamist militancy – whether armed, the narco-jihad or the stealth spread of Sharia law through the ‘Green Fabian’ subversion of groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain and its Gulf-funded equivalents throughout the West.

The truth will set them free

On the other, a massive education campaign to influence young Muslims and turn them against the Jihadis. Not happy-clappy, liberal, National Brotherhood Week drivel about being kind to gays and Jews and satirical cartoonists – that won’t do a blind bit of good, because so many of them have already made up their minds about such Western decadence.

The only thing that can make young Muslims in the West think again would be a serious and sustained effort to show them just how close are the links between the Saudi funders of ‘Jihad’ and the American elite. Between the Jihadis and the Israelis. Between Al Qaeda and the CIA. Let them understand that those who flock to, fund or applaud Islamic State are in reality doing the work of Israel and the USA, and their naïve enthusiasm for Islamist Jihad will melt away.

In the end, the real power of the Jihadists is not their petro-dollars funding or their American-supplied armouries, but the appeal of their simplistic ideology to the uninformed minds moulded by the disinformation machine known as the Western media. The power of those lies can only be broken by the truth.

Lies cannot be fought with lies; they can only be conquered with the truth. An evil ideology cannot be stopped by bullets, but only by a better one. Only by good. Only thus!