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Unity is Strength!

Unity is Strength! But the nationalist movement is divided. Unless this is put right we cannot win the Long War for the survival of our people and our nation. It is not realistic to expect everyone to abandon their own organisations and personal loyalties, or simply to forget old fallings out, rivalries and political and ideological differences.

It is therefore necessary to work to develop OPERATIONAL unity, so that the various strands of the broader nationalist movement in Britain, even if they cannot join together, increasingly pull in the same direction in the most vital areas of our struggle to secure a future for our children in their own homeland.

Vow to thee my countryIn Britain, as in many other white nations, the combination of corporate and Zionist control of the mass media, together with the promotion of phoney pseudo-nationalist safety valve parties, has – for now at least – closed the ‘Parliamentary Road’ to nationalist victory.

Elections do not produce power, they reflect power that has already been created in terms of ideology, culture, mass organisation and economics. To contest elections without the prior attainment of real societal power is to throw away money and morale in futile fantasy politics.

It is therefore necessary to direct our efforts into more realistic and productive fields than parliamentary electioneering. These will include militant non-violent direct action demonstrations, counter-power initiatives, deep community politics and education and training programmes.

In order to make their safety valve parties and controlled street movements effective, the liberal-left and neo-con mass media have had to make them attractive to huge numbers of people who instinctively tend to sympathise with our position. This makes them part of an historical process of step-by-step radicalisation of the population.

It does not take a majority to make a revolution. At the start of the American War of Independence, for example, only 12% of the population supported the revolution. That figure never rose above 20%. Revolutions are made by small, well-organised and determined vanguards – the right people prepared in the right way to provide leadership and direction at the right time.

On present demographic trends, the indigenous peoples of the British Isles will be minorities in our own homelands within 40 years. This is not an accident but the result of a deliberate policy of “White Genocide” – the most destructive and evil social and genetic engineering programme in all of human history. The process can be resisted – just as soon as a significant and determined minority learn who is behind it and why, and organise to halt and reverse it.

The problem is not just one of quantity but also of quality and knowledge. Not only are we being outbred and replaced in our own homelands, the new generation of remaining white youngsters are deliberately dumbed down by the controlled media and by liberal State education. Foremost of the traditions under attack by the Culture Distorters are Christianity and related traditional values, particularly the rights of children to a mum and a dad.

Too often, groups campaigning against White Genocide do so in ways that are so negative and depressing that they become part of the problem. Our aim is to develop ways to present the campaign to save our people in a positive and attractive way.