Mission Statement

British Unity exists to Agitate, Educate and Organise among the indigenous peoples of the British Isles. We seek to work in close co-operation with nationalists in other countries of white European stock and to build constructive relationships with peoples of goodwill and opponents of globalism and its nation-wrecking greed all over the world.

We aim to raise and improve the standards of nationalist activism not by preaching at people or demanding that everybody joins us, but through leading by example. British Unity is not a party but a resource centre and a school for the militants who come to use those resources.

The first resource is knowledge, so we aim to make this site and our related social media network the “must go to” source of real news and honest, informed analysis for all English-speaking nationalists.

Our job is not to offer detailed programmes but to help to produce informed, dedicated and organised Men and Women willing and able to fight and win the long war for the survival of our kind and the building of a world free of the tyranny and greed of the global elite and their various puppets.

Recognising the fundamentally anti-traditional, anti-Christian hatred at the root of so many of the problems currently afflicting our people, we stand for a revival of healthy European Christianity and for a social order which recognises the heterosexual nuclear family as the foundation stone of healthy communities and a just and stable society.

Nick Griffin was found ‘guilty’ in 1998 for using the phrase “Wanted – More White Children”. Propagating that idea, and finding practical ways to turn it from slogan to laughing reality, remains at the very heart of our mission. Because demographics is destiny!


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